2000 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Long Bed 2WD

2000 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Long Bed 2WD


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The Chevrolet S-10 is a truck. It rides like a truck, it corners like a truck and, as a truck, it has more cargo room than passenger room. If that is what you need, or if that is what you want, you most likely won't mind a ride that will never compare to that of an automobile. In that regard, the S-10 is like a steel glove lined with velour. A Chevy pickup is a safe buy, a known quantity which is nice to know even if you don't need it as much as you once did. Just remember: It's a truck, and if that's what you want, the S-10 will make you happy. The Xtreme is a good-looking truck, admired by ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages. Despite the proscription on trailering, the Xtreme is also useful for moving the stuff of your life when that stuff needs to be moved. The handling is good, considering it's a truck, and the ride isn't terribly bad, though it wouldn't be our choice for a long drive on a bad road. We'd be willing to wager, however, that most Xtremes will be purchased just for its handsome profile because, hey, it's a nice truck. Call us today at 757-420-0400 for more information about this vehicle or visit as at 4108 INDIAN RIVER RD, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23325.

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