2000 Lexus GS 400 GS 400

2000 Lexus GS 400 GS 400


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This Lexus GS 400 is a hard to find model with very low miles in excellent condition. It is an extremely stable car in fast, sweeping turns that instills confidence in the driver. And it offers excellent sports sedan performance on winding roads. Inside is a sumptuous interior with the brilliant ergonomics that have made Lexus famous. Quality is excellent. The first thing you notice about the GS series, however, is its wild styling. The GS looks like no other Lexus. The wickedly fun GS 400 comes with a 4.0-liter double overhead-cam V8 that produces 300 horsepower. It comes with five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmissions. Our GS 400 came with the Premium Package, which includes the Leather Trim Package, six-disc in-dash CD changer, automatic dimming outside mirrors, power moonroof, heated front seats and the excellent high-intensity discharge low-beam headlights. Lots of leather, thick carpeting and tasteful design provide a pleasant environment inside the GS 400. It manages to feel roomy and cozy at the same time. Opening and closing power windows and moonroof are a one-touch operation. A sensor stops the window or moonroof and warns the driver when anything - such as the head of a child or pet - is blocking its path. A hidden electric garage door opener can be programmed for nearly all frequencies. The trunk lid raises a full 90 degrees and the lift-over height is low for easier loading and unloading. At 14.8 cubic feet, the cargo capacity is comparable to other cars this size. The GS 400 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 6 seconds, putting it in a league with some of the world's best sports cars and sports sedans. It offers comparable acceleration performance to the BMW 540i with its 282-horsepower V8; both cars stomp the comparably sized Mercedes-Benz E320 with a 221-horsepower V6. Lexus redesigned its 4.0-liter V8 engine before dropping it into the GS 400. It boasts four camshafts (dohc) and 32 valves. Variable valve timing allows the engine to deliver strong torque at low engine speeds, while providing healthy horsepower at higher speeds - often mutually exclusive benefits. The engine produces 300 horsepower and 310 foot-pounds of torque. Most of that torque (80 percent) is available at just 1800 rpm, giving the GS 400 lots of around town cruising power and allowing it to sprint away from intersections. In spite of its impressive acceleration performance, the GS 400 nets an EPA-rated 24 mpg on the highway. This Lexus GS comes with a five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with a console shifter. The transmission is designed to be shifted manually as well. This can also be accomplished by using the Formula 1 racing-inspired buttons on the front and back of the steering wheel. Pushing the button on the front of the steering wheel downshifts one gear. Pushing the button behind the wheel upshifts one gear. Stellar acceleration performance is backed up by big high-performance brakes. The GS 400 stops quickly and without drama. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic traction control and Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) are standard. New for 2000 is the Brake Assist system, which comes standard. Brake Assist interprets a quick push of the brake pedal as emergency braking and, if the driver has not stepped hard enough on the brake pedal, the system supplements the applied braking power. It's an excellent safety feature as many of us do not always full use the potential stopping power in an emergency situation. Vehicle Skid Control uses the brakes to bring the car back on course if it senses the car is going in a direction not consistent with the steering wheel position. VSC can be switched off using the console mounted button. You will fall in love in this car next moment after you test drive it. Call us today at 757-391-4543 or 757-227-9544 for more information about this vehicle or visit as at 5176 VIRGINIA BEACH BLVD, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23462.

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